2 thoughts on “I dunno

  1. I don’t think Obama will have much problem raising $. The idea that most of his money came in small amounts from his online supporters was always a myth. Obama was and is hedge fund funded. Most of them will stay with him. The real problem will be with volunteers. Many who used to not just volunteer, but recruit other volunteers have given up. Some have walked out of the Dem party, others still vote Dem, but refuse to do any of their former volunteer work. Let’s see how Obama does without his ground game.

  2. Corporate spigots are OPEN.
    No problems for any of them to raise money.
    Us small people, who are people, unlike corporations who are also people, can only give limited amounts, unlike the also-people, the corporations, who can give unlimited amounts.
    That’s quintessentially American, come to think of it.
    If people die after a given time, how about a lifespan for corporations, since they’re people too?

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