As I’ve said before, the thing that always scared me about the feds was that they targeted someone first and then came up with charges. Clearly, that’s what they’re doing to Julian Assange.

Look at the clever legal rationale they came up with to avoid charging the New York Times. They’re not indicting him for publishing, they’re indicting him for telling a source how to upload the documents to them!

So I guess that means we can expect to see more vigorous indictment of banks for accepting drug money, right? Yeah, right.

One thought on “Conspiracy

  1. Actually, that’s what all so-called law enforcement is allowed to do lately and the basis for ‘don’t say anything until you talk to a lawyer’ advice. Given the proliferation of vague statutes about almost everything, it’s extremely likely that they’ll find something with which to charge anyone, if they just get to look long enough. And since the destruction of the constitution by terrorized conservatives, they can jail you just because.

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