Seems like my life is just one long volatile relationship with VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

My check finally came, and the first thing I did was order a new mattress online. The old one (previously my mother’s) was pretty uncomfortable; I was waking up several times a night to shift, and it finally got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

I may have mentioned this before: I really hate to spend money on anything other than food, shelter, books and music. But this? Things had gotten to the breaking point.

So I went onto, identified the best deal and read the reviews carefully. “This one has hardly any smell at all!” one buyer enthused. And it was on sale!

They lied. I don’t know what kind of person gets their jollies by misleading the chemically sensitive, but karma will get them.

For the first three days, I kept my bedroom window open. (Since temperatures were in the 20s this week, it was cold.) I’d simply roll my old foam mattress pad over it at night, pull on the blankets and sleep. I figured eventually the fumes would go away. (Oh, and I have the HEPA filter running 24/7.)

My youngest son came to visit me yesterday, and I got a “bright” idea. “Help me put the allergy cover on the new mattress, and that should deal with the smell,” I said. So we put it on, and I slept last night with the windows closed.

Really dumb. My whole face is swollen this morning and I have big dark circles under my eyes. Now I have to take all the bedding off and drag the damned thing outside to de-gas. Arghh.