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Was on another conference call with a White House official yesterday (I forget whether we’re allowed to say who and I don’t care enough to look) but there was a carefully parsed answer to a question about Social Security: “The president does not want to do anything that will hurt Social Security.”

Well, if you’re surrounded with conservative economists who urge you to cut benefits by raising the retirement age, etc., you’ll naturally tell yourself that those changes will “help” Social Security.

Notice the huge amount of wiggle room in that answer.

Problem solved!

4 thoughts on “News update

  1. Yep, yet another “hard-fought” victory for the president! Just goes to show how wonderful and effective bipartisianship can be to “get stuff done”. My problem is that none of the motherfucking “stuff” does a damn thing to improve my day-to-day life: still broke, still paying higher and higher medical bills, still questioning if my SS will be cut. I’m sorry y’all, but I just haven’t found anything to get all giddy about as the president scores all these “legislative victories”!

  2. This is the same crap they used to string people along with the health insurance “reform” deal, the Financial Reform bill, Elizabeth Warren nomination, the tax bill, etc., etc.. If the president wanted to keep Social Security from being cut, he would say so. If he isn’t saying so, he’s going to allow it to be cut.

    There is no point in months of progressive daydreams about what he might do, or might say, nor blog posts or columns with unsolicited advice about what a political mistake he would be making.

    Forger it. He’s not on our side; he will not help us. He is on the side of those who are protecting wealth by pushing austerity around the world. We have to defend ourselves.

  3. I read it that the last word of that answer was unheard and that it was: “But ….”

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