2 thoughts on “Skin in the game

  1. I wonder how ‘lucky’ rethugs’ll think people are when they start storming their gated communities?

  2. But even if we put all of this aside, let’s appreciate the underlying point of the conservatives’ concern — for all the talk on the right about cutting taxes at every available opportunity, there’s also a drive to raise taxes on those who can least afford it. The GOP has a natural revulsion to any tax system, but there’s an eerie comfort with a regressive agenda that showers additional wealth on the rich while asking for more from lower-income workers.

    In fact, the drive on the right to increase the burdens on these middle- and lower-class families is getting kind of creepy. Some on the far-right have begun calling these Americans “parasites.” Earlier this year, Fox News’ Steve Doocy went so far as to ask whether those who don’t make enough to qualify for income taxes should even be allowed to vote.

    And who worked with the Republicans to actually raise taxes on those earning under $20K as individuals and under $40K as famlies?

    Why’d he do it?

    All together now: Because our president is a conservative!

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