Things look pretty bad in NYC. Yesterday there were abandoned buses and cars everywhere, blocking the streets. I saw a picture of a tour bus that caught on fire — probably overheated from trying to get out of the snow.

My DIL couldn’t get to work, either, and was complaining about the sanitation department not clearing her street. I sent her this, and wrote that she was probably lucky they never made it (not suitable for work!):

4 thoughts on “Gridlock

  1. OMG, that was bad. I hope that the owner of the car can somehow be put in touch with the video maker. That video would be valuable to fight the insurance company’s raise in rates. IIRC, some auto insurers raise your rates even if your car was parked and was hit from the side, behind, whatever and you were in no way involved in causing the accident. Suing the City will be hard but I hope the video can help there too.

  2. Regardless of all that we’ve faced together this year, Suze…………….I just wanted to say to you how special you are —-and always have been——to my everyday feeling that somehow things are going to work out. I couldn’t stomach what you do; hell, I teeter on severe depression over the Falcons losing a freaking football game, not to mention the very serious, life/death shit that you read and post each day! Thank you Suze, honestly, you help keep me sane vis-a-vis daily bullshit from DC and beyond that rattles my sensitivities. Happy New Year to my fave Blogger!!!!!

  3. To be fair to the men working on the tow.

    A regular frontend loader operator would normally work 40 hours per week. At a certain point, they have to be relieved. They will work till they are exhausted and the relief can be someone that normally runs a crane or drives a garbage truck. They do their best. I have never been in a life threatening situation when the lowest level government workers did not give one hundred percent plus to try to get things straight as fast as possible.

  4. I do know that, and I should have made clear that I did not agree with the abuse being heaped on the driver by the asshole who videoed the encounter. Clearly, they didn’t have many options. BTW, the damaged car belonged to the city.

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