How they’re going to take away from Social Security and give us nothing in return — which is what they call a “compromise””

But it’s not only the left and (presumably) congressional representatives from south Florida who oppose what will be marketed as “entitlement reform.” Bloomberg Business Week reported that an AP/CNBC News poll taken in November found “nearly two-thirds oppose raising the retirement age to 69 for people to receive full Social Security benefits. Most oppose raising the retirement age even if done gradually over the next 65 years.”

Those numbers will have to move if Social Security is to be undermined. “Social Security” will be replaced in the popular mind with “entitlements,” meant to imply money greedy individuals believe they are entitled to, rather than from a fund built up by employers and employees themselves. Politicians and the media will continue to conflate the trust fund with general revenues, inferring that the system is driving up the deficit. People just are living so much longer, we will hear; details will remain a closely guarded secret because life expectancy at 65, particularly for people most in need, has little changed.

Generational warfare will be invoked; we’ll be told- without being reminded the trust fund is in the black- that the young are being deprived. A proposal to raise the cap on contributing to the system, popular with the public, will be floated, only to be dropped later in the spirit of bipartisan “compromise” so popular with the media and this President.

It all will be done in the cause of reducing a deficit to which Social Security never has contributed. The cut will apply only to future retirees, who over the years have been fattened for the kill with misinformation and disinformation. Something, though, has to be sacrificed- and what better than a successful program which pays out guaranteed benefits year after year?