Joe Bageant

I just got an email informing me that my friend Joe Bageant has cancer, a massive inoperable tumor and will be starting chemo soon. (He dictated the email — he can’t write.)

He’s hoping that with chemo and painkillers, he’ll be able to write again sometime soon.

If you have any prayers, send them his way. (He didn’t say that, I did.)

Here’s his “Skinny Dipping in Reality.”

3 thoughts on “Joe Bageant

  1. He is SUCH a brilliant writer & good ole soul, my prayers are beaming his way for health, wellness and a QUICK recovery!

  2. Aw, KRIPES ON A CRACKER. (No pun intended.)
    Joe is the best and we love him here.
    Vibes to him….

  3. Fuck me running!

    I just found Joe a few months ago and I fucking love that guy’s take.
    My prayers go out to him.
    I would have loved to see him and Mark Twain have a lengthy conversation over a bottle of tequila.

    Get better dude.

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