State of the Union

Instead of the usual drinking game, in which listeners drink every time the president speaks predictable bullshit, I’d like to suggest something different: Every time he says “deficit reduction” or “Social Security“, I want you to call the White House switchboard.

Are you game?

And by the way, I’m pretty pissed off that we’re STILL playing this fucking game with a Democrat in the White House.

4 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. Get used to it; Illinois just passed an income tax increase (from 3 to 5% – a 66.6% increase!) and many other states will be sure to follow (since so many are close to “bankruptcy”). It’s all about corporations and the ownership class – from the Supreme Court to local govt. We’ll be a nation of starving, freezing, homeless wrecks before long, while the bankers and the politicians party on (and the environment goes to hell).

  2. Don’t know if any saw the irony here in here Atlanta over the past several days: the new Rethug Gov. Deal’s swearing-in ceremony had to be moved indoors due to the “unusual” amounts of snow and ice throughout the region (yep, small government works real fucking good; the entire transportation system in the whole goddamned state was stalled because there was not enough snow plows and removal equipment available, and well, you know, there IS a budget deficit to be concerned with!). Anywho, when the media finally got around to pressing the new Gov on the responsibility for snow removal, he squirmed like a little worm and said, “No comment, we’ll answer your questions later.” Couldn’t help but laugh at his stupid ass!

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