3 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. The wealthy black businessmen to whom Mr Obama looks for advice did not support Dr. King or his civil rights demonstrations back in his day either.

    They were a social group who had achieved some comfort and success within the segregated society as it existed, and they were not interested in creating any kind of disturbance that would endanger that. Mr. A.G. Gaston the prominent business man in Birmingham was an example of this group.

    President Obama decisded to leave his community in Chicago and seek powwer and influece by going to Harvard and getting into politics. At that point he decided to throw in with the people who figured out how to go along, get along and become comfortably wealthy.

    Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement represented poor people and proposed a tactic of “causing trouble” rather than “getting along”. I noticed that on this MLK holiday, I heard a hell of a lot more about the Governor of Maine than I did about the President.

  2. Gaston didn’t get on Dr. King’s side until they firebombed his motel and his house. Then he realized that his skin meant more to the racist community than his social class.

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