4 thoughts on “Progressive caucus

  1. “No, the tea party suggests what will give this force. Congressional leaders can’t spark a constituent revolt or create a movement. Are progressives outside the Congress prepared for one?”
    “Are they prepared to challenge sitting Democrats and Republicans on their foolish priorities, their distorted agenda that is weakening this country?”
    “Are progressive donors and institutions and activists prepared to organize to support progressive challengers in primaries both to take back seats won by Republicans in the last cycle and to challenge conservative Democrats to send a message?”
    No. Because whenever we DO, the rest of the “progressives” come down on them like a ton of bricks.

  2. Pardon my ignorance. I’m new at this. What does it mean in your title of this post, “Shorter…”? I see that word a lot, but not sure what it means. I’m old.

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