White House still holding Social Security hostage

Chris Bowers of Daily Kos reports on the blogger roundtable held at the White House yesterday:

The answers that we received are not answers that will make anyone entirely happy. Here is what I took from them:

  • The Obama administration is not willing to repudiate the “crisis” narrative surrounding Social Security that dominates the national political media.
  • President Obama explicitly repudiated privatization of Social Security in his speech last night, and David Axelrod reaffirmed that repudiation today.
  • If there is going to be a “bi-partisan” agreement to alter Social Security, it will be brokered by President Obama himself. Congress is not going to pass a deal to which President Obama has not given his prior approval.
  • President Obama strikes generally strong notes in defense of Social Security when it comes to other possible ways to cut the program. However, other than privatization, both he and his administration are unwilling to get too specific about where the line is drawn.
  • The best thing you can do right now is write letters to your congress critters and/or your local papers, since as venal as they are, they still have to worry about getting reelected.

    2 thoughts on “White House still holding Social Security hostage

    1. I did write to my representavve, Hon Nick Joe Rahall (WV-D Third), and he is saying basically the same. He won’t go for privatization and he would never do anything to hurt Social Security.

      This “privatization” deal is, as I see it, a red herring. Privatization is no longer the problem we are threatened with. They are answering a question they are not asked to avoid the one they are asked.

      Of course, when they raise the retirement age (over what it has already been raised – they don’t mention that), they will say that this is not to hurt Social Security, it is to fix it.

      The fact that they are being so cagey and careful to pick their words tells me that the fix is already in. They are just trying to keep the rubes calm until the deed is done. I feel like a steer in the stockyard waiting until they open the gate and lead me into that big building where nobody comes out.

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