One thought on “Cairo is burning

  1. One of the issues I used to discuss with my students back in the 90’s, when Netanyaho was Prime Minister of Israel for the first time, had to do with the fact that some 60-70% of the Middle Eastern youth, i.e. Egyptian, Palestinian, The Saudis, etc……were under 25-30 years old at the time. My students were asked to write essays projecting ahead the impact of the average age of the population and the fact that dictatorships governed most of these countries. I’m rather proud to say that many of my students critically reviewed the times, issues, and circumstances in those countries from their own youthful perspectives and accurately predicted exactly what is happening today, as we speak; I’m taking a virtual bow as their forward-thinking teacher! Oh, and BTW, these were 6th graders in a public school that I’m referencing during that period of time, which would make them 30 somethings today! All is NOT lost!

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