Pushing back the healthcare law and further restricting abortion rights. Your Republican majority!

My chiropractor was talking about the snow and the other extreme weather, and I told him I blamed all the people who voted Republican. “No matter what issue you think you’re supporting by voting for these people, you’re really voting for corporate dominance, the erosion of public services and the restriction of civil liberties,” I said.

“People think they’re voting to save unborn babies, and instead they’re driving a steamroller over the ones who are already born.”

6 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I remember asking one of my co-workers why he would vote for George Bush a second time. “Babies” was his answer.

    The one and only goal of Conservatism throughout history is to constitute an Aristocracy. The vast majority of Conservatives who support this goal knowingly or unknowingly will never have a chance to become part of that Aristocracy. All other issues such as abortion are just a means to the same end.

  2. Speaking of snow, I asked a clerk (mamager) at a gas station in Hubbard (OH or PA? so close not sure) about what he knew about the snow storm in the East. He said it was really bad and 80 was closed at the 81 junction.

    Then we got to talking about the weather and he made a joke about all the snow and cold proving there was no global warming. I said I’d read that the predictive models actually indicated such extremes of temperature and precipitation would be a part of global warming, that trapped heat meant greater variability, unpredictability, and extremes of weather.

    He told me he’d seen on TV that it was because the equator had tilted away from the sun.

    Now, I’m not up on that, but I did hear a scientist say that the earth did wobble in relation to the sun, but we were currently in a position where there should be cooling and instead we’ve had the warmest global temps on record. The guy glared at me, and then said there was no proof of global warming.

    Now I have to find out more about this damn wobble and its effects to try to be ready for what the misinformed have been fed!

  3. Thanks for the link, Suze. Amazing revelations that I would imagine are too far-fetched for any of the global-warming deniers to comprehend. I mean the science is undeniable, and you’d have to be blind, dumb, and crazy to deny it. I’ll admit, however, that until I read and digested the article no one could ever have told me that the earth tilts more or less than the 23.5 degrees during the winter and summer solstices. WOW! I’m with Jawbone on this; gotta read more about this “wobble”…………………

  4. And climate change can also affect the Earth’s spin. Previously, Landerer and colleagues showed that global warming would cause Earth’s mass to be redistributed towards higher latitudes. Since that pulls mass closer to the planet’s spin axis, it causes the planet to rotate faster – just as an ice skater spins faster when she pulls her arms towards her body. [From Susie’s link]

    Who knew? Shorter days!

  5. Weird: The screen layout was perfectly fine until I posted my last comment, hit submit, and it came back with the right margin going into infinity! (I’m on a PC, IE8, Windows 7 — sometimes I can get back to normal screen appearance by reclicking on the title of the post a few times and eventually it comes back to normal. Not working right now. Alas.)

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