4 thoughts on “Totally inappropriate

  1. really?

    This milk toast comment: “I think that he believes that [Rahm is] eligible and I believe that he believes that Rahm will pursue his appeal in the courts. ”

    is waaaay over the line?

    She “thinks” something that Obama “believes” and she “believes” something that Obama “believes” about Rahm pursuing his options through the courts?

    I am sorry, you leave your hometown to go to DC to serve in government, you should still be able to run for office back home when you return.

    To find otherwise is to support the thought that a service member who is sent to Iraq, a foreign base, or a base in another state is also no longer eligible for office when she returns. She didn’t reside in Chicago afterall… Is this your position?

    That’s just dumb.

    Valerie Jarret made an extremely mild statement of her thoughts on what Obama thinks about the case. Last I heard she still retains her right to free speech.

    You may not like Rahm, I know you hate Obama, but try to retain some perspective.

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