Virtually Speaking Liberally

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Sat, Jan 29, 2PM SLT  (pacific), 5pm eastern

Jay Ackroyd and Stuart Zechman present the voices of liberalism, of individual citizens speaking out about what American liberalism (or progressivism) means to them, and to our country’s future. Featuring recorded and live voices of members of the VSS media panel, citizen activists and electeds.

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STUART “Centrism IS an ideology” ZECHMAN  –  is a provocative member of the blog commentariat, most frequently posting at TIME’s Swampland.  An entrepreneur and technologist, he brings those perspectives to a New Liberal analysis of policy and politics.

An economist by training and IT professional, Jay contributes to Duncan Black’s Eschaton blog. As host of Virtually Speaking, Jay  talks with scholars, authors, pundits and public officials: a balanced sampling of established and emerging voices represents progressive thought in the contemporary, public, political conversation.

He can be be found on gchat, AIM, Facebook and Twitter as jayackroyd. Jay is a principal at Inside the Culture, a market research firm that uses social media and webcam applications to disseminate authentic, real-time trend data and conduct virtual focus groups.