2 thoughts on “Violence in Egypt

  1. I have a Roku box that streams video feeds from Netflix, Amazon and the like to my TV set. One of the services offered is called Newscaster, which contains feeds from CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR and various others.

    I noticed this morning they’ve added Al Jazeera in English to the lineup. Good for Roku. It’s a hell of a lot more than Comcast has done.

  2. Continued Cairo live blog. Pro-Mubarak forces, including many security forces, attempt to take the square, attacking through the streets leading into the square. They lose, and the protesters still hold the square. Several shots of protesters holding up police IDs captured from pro-Mubarak forces. Army remains neutral. Weaponry: Sticks, rocks, paving stones, a few petrol bombs. Pro-Mubarak forces came with clubs and knives, showing they came for a fight. It could be a long night.

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