Feast of the presentation

Today is a holy day in the Roman Catholic church, and if I recall correctly, a day off from school!

And tomorrow is the feast of St. Blaise, a minor saint. On this day, we had to go to church to get our throats blessed. (No, really. I wonder if they still do that?) The priest had this contraption made out of candles that looked like half of a small steering wheel and he’d aim it at your throat. Once in place, he’d pronounce the blessing.

The whole thing made me tense and always struck me as vaguely threatening. I never trusted authority figures, and I haven’t changed much.

6 thoughts on “Feast of the presentation

  1. I had completely forgotten St. Blaise. I went to Catholic school, don’t remember having today off, but do remember (now) the blessing. Yes, it was a little creepy with the candles at your throat.

  2. I LOVED it. It’s a blessing! It seemed like another kind of warm scarf around my neck. But then, my Catholic school teachers were Franciscan nuns who were pretty much joyful people who influenced my view of these things.
    These days, in at least one local parish the Blessing of St. Blaise is offered (on the Sunday closest to the date) after Mass to whomever wants it.

  3. Yep, I’m just now recalling the ceremony from the pic Suze provided. Hmmn, I keep wondering now if that blessing could have extended a little further down; I mean, not to offend anyone who’s still a devout Catholic, but I coulda’ used a little help in that area as well………………………:)

  4. I always liked the feeling of the cool wax on my throat. and I don’t recall getting a lot of sore throats!
    but then again, I haven’t been to mass in years and I haven’t had a sore throat either…
    –knock on wood!

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