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I’ve been obsessing about my guitars lately, because I have them out on a stand now and I’m worried about whether they have enough humidity. So when I stopped by DiPinto Guitars to get the neck adjusted on my old Kay archtop (thanks, L.!), I asked Chris if it was safe to leave the rest of them out in my apartment.

“What kind of heat do you have, radiators?” he said. “I have this humidity gauge and a humidifier that goes on when I need it.” I told him I did not have one square foot to spare for a humidifier. “I did get a couple of those humidifiers you stick in the soundholes for my acoustics.”

“That’s all you need,” he said. “You only have to worry about the acoustics, anyway.” That hadn’t occurred to me. (Duh! You can always buy a new bolt-on neck for an electric!)

We got started talking about old guitars, and I said how I’d always been really good at finding no-name guitars that band boys made fun of, but turned out to be really good guitars, often collectibles. I told him I was very protective of my misfit guitars. He smiled.

“I deal with a lot of famous musicians who come in, and you know, their bands are the same way. They don’t care about the brand name or model or anything else. They want to know how it sounds and how it feels, and that’s all they care about,” he said. “The people who care about the brand names aren’t usually the really good musicians. Touring guys are always trying the no-names, it excites them to find a good one.”

I just love that.

4 thoughts on “Guitar talk

  1. dipinto’s a good guy: I’ve been in 2 bands with him. He loves the misfit guitars too (his first line of electrics, including the Galaxie and the Mach 5 reflect that).

    that’s one of the reasons his guitas are played by bands like Sonic Youth and Lost Straitjackets. If I wasn’t playing so much upright, I’d be tempted to lay down some money on one of the belvedere basses he has.

  2. I love the Belvedere Jr. If I ever get my hands on enough discretionary income, that may be my very last guitar and I can die happy.

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