How many of you are having a problem seeing the site? Please leave a description in the comments and include what kind of browser you’re using, what Windows or Apple version, and what you’re seeing.

I’m trying to figure this out. It’s very frustrating.

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  1. Wow! that was quick! Had been having trouble seeing half your text as the right-sided column, banterwire, covered half the page but when I clicked to tell you about it, it was “fixed.” I was guessing what the missing words were! No longer need to guess! That’s a good thing! (PC/Foxfire)

  2. I often experience issues viewing your site. Often the text goes clear across and is buried under the right side bar. Sometimes I can fix by refreshing, other times it’s a lost cause and I give up. I use IE8.

  3. Windows XP running on an older Dell, back to Firefox browser when my Google Chrome failed. No issues viewing your site, or any of the sites to which you link. What I see is a banner across the top, articles on the left, and ads/ archives on the right. The left-right split is about 2/3 – 1/3, giving your articles more weight.

  4. Chrome on my Mac – good.
    Firefox on my old home PC good.
    School computers with something microsoft bad.
    Is it a screen size issue?

  5. Sometimes I can hit refresh and the problem goes away, sometimes I just go back to reload the pages and the problem goes away, sometimes not. I use Windows XP, Internet Explorer , Windows 7. Nothing seems to consistently work…………………..thanks for looking into the problem.

  6. Internet Explorer on an old Dell. About the same time I started having intermittent problems with your site, Digby’s also started acting up.

    I used to have the same problem — words spreading out all the way to the right (each paragraph becomes one line) — a lot at Balloon Juice, as did a lot of their other readers, but they fixed it. So maybe John Cole has some words of advice. I seem to remember him scolding us IE users to switch to Firefox, and since the most of commentors above who aren’t having problems are using Firefox, maybe he had a point.

  7. Win 7, IE 8, HP computer.

    I get the word spread/loss of right margin a lot. Sometimes I can get it to snap into line by refreshing. Sometimes by just clicking on the title of the post. But other times, it’s OK, I can open the post to write a comment and then, when I submit the comment, the margin goes to somewhere near infinity.

    Sometimes I log out and just come back later. Sometimes I just give up.

    I cannot figure out what triggers it, but I’ve a sense that it has something to do with where on the page the ads are. But not sure of that.

    I’ve had it elsewhere, but I can’t recall where just now.

    Thnx for asking!

  8. I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox 3.something. The site looks fine, though on this comments page, I do see a couple stray 1×1 .gif images sticking out of the right sidebar: one of them appears under “Advertise here” in the Advertise Liberally feed (but below the box border); the other appears at the end of the phrase “Advertise on Banter Media Group” in the next box down.

    When I say “sticking out” of the sidebar, I just mean that there are two tiny drop-shadowed boxes rendered among the other text & boxes. Nothing’s thrown out of alignment in my browser. I have a screen shot if you need it.

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