By the way

I got turned down again for the Media Matters’ Progressive Training Initiative, in which they give people media training to be progressive spokespeople. This is the fourth time; I’m beginning to feel like Susan Lucci.

Actually, I did get invited to the one they had in Vegas last year — but I couldn’t afford to fly there. Oh well!

2 thoughts on “By the way

  1. Fuck ’em Suze, it’s there problem!!!! They don’t realize what they are missing………………………

  2. Considering that I think MM works hard to keep Manchurian Dems in office, I say that anyone who gets turned down must have something really good going about herself. This isn’t to say that MM doesn’t do a good job of pointing out media bias, but too often it seems that they end up trying to protect Dems who aren’t worthy of protection.

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