Energy cuts

For the poor? Am I misreading this?

Or is this some tactic to wear us down to get us to accept other, “less” drastic budget cuts? (You know, like Social Security and Medicare.)

John Kerry is asking Obama to reconsider. During a Depression and a brutal winter, we have to beg a Democratic president not to cut heating subsidies for the poor?

I mean, WTF?

Economist Mark Thoma:

Don’t you feel sorry for the energy companies since they can’t cut power on deliquent bill payers during weather emergencies? Private business should have a right to freeze people to death if they fall behind on their payments. Especially when there is a recession making it hard for people to get by and a lack of social support to fill the gaps in household budgets.

As for the “subsidy to energy companies” argument, pretty much any spending on the poor can be recast as a “subsidy” to someone. For example, giving people food to prevent starvation is nothing more than backdoor support for those greedy farmers who already get enough help from the government.

Update: I should have also knocked the administration for this move. There are ways for the administration to show it is “serious” about deficit reduction besides going after the poor with cuts that are a drop in the bucket relative to the size of the deficit problem. I’d be much more impressed for example if the administration demonstrated its seriousness by going after powerful vested interests rather than those least able to defend themselves within the political arena.

One thought on “Energy cuts

  1. The neoliberals and neocons have effectively neutered their traditional root parties, the dems and repugs. Most people don’t even realize that Obiwan isn’t a liberal just like Bush wasn’t a conservative. But the left and right wings have been bent and distorted so much that they are meeting around the backside of of the corporatist agenda.
    Neither repugs nor demos represent the well being of the people anymore. Obama is an elitist Chicago-school neoliberal to the hilt.
    Nothing like this should surprise anybody.
    But he’ll still hypnotize everyone next year with those spiral snake eyes of his and everyone will say lesser of two evils, blah, blah.
    Fuck the evil. Time for a primary challenge from the left, then an independent challenge from the left if that fails to remove this tick from the neck of America.

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