Police union chief: Ready to use force

In response to these rumors, last night at least a hundred firemen arrived at the Capitol to show solidarity and protect the protesters. Stay tuned for developments:

Amid the largest protests Madison, Wisconsin has seen in decades, newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker last week issued a stark message to public labor unions occupying the capitol building: we have options, and using the National Guard against protesters is among them.

Since then, a myriad of rumors have circulated through crowds gathered at the state capitol, united in protest of a bill that would strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights. One rumor, which had not yet come to pass, even suggested that like Egypt’s former dictator did in Tahrir Square, Gov. Walker may call in police to forcibly clear out the capitol.

And according to a Wisconsin police union president, whether the police agree or disagree with their governor’s politics, they would “absolutely” carry out any order given to them … even if that order included using force against their fellow Americans gathered in peaceful protest.

That’s the message from Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA) executive board president Tracy Fuller, whose organization recently issued a statement condemning the governor’s attempt to strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights. Fuller is also a Wisconsin State Patrol inspector.

“This bill has some provisions that make no sense, unless the basic intent is to bust unions,” he recently wrote, in a post found on the WLEA website. “One provision makes it illegal for public employers to collect dues for labor organizations. The employer can take deductions for the United Way, or other organizations, but they are prohibited from collecting union dues.

“How does that repair the budget?”

Fuller explained to Raw Story that he was speaking only for himself when he wrote of his regrets over the troopers’ endorsement. This detail was initially misreported by David Schuster, who claimed it was the Troopers Association itself that had come into a spot of buyer’s remorse over Walker.

7 thoughts on “Police union chief: Ready to use force

  1. that’ll work NOT. Beating people gets on the news. it makes their allies more willing to come out, it galvanaizes public opinion against the beaters.

    it’s as if walker has never read history. he probably hasn’t.

  2. They’ve got too much already
    And besides, we’ve got the cops

    — Phil Ochs, “Small Circle of Friends”

  3. Unions are the last thing standing between the serf/lord economy the Republicans would like to bring back and the America we’ve gotten comfortable with since FDR.

    Republicans generally see themselves sittin’ on their verandas, sippin’ mint juleps and watching their field-hand serfs work their fields down below.

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