16 thoughts on “Praising God for the earthquake

  1. So God caused the earthquake because He was angry with atheists?

    I thought it was homosexuals and feminists, or the Affordable Care Act. Really, it doesn’t matter that the author of this video is Christian. Fundies come in all branches of the franchise, including Judaism and Islam and Buddhism. They all have twisted little fucks.

  2. I didn’t go though all 7,000 Youtube comments on this, but I didn’t see one positive one, despite the current score of 346 likes, 9,273 dislikes. It should reaffirm one’s faith in humanity that this loco woman has been so outcast.

  3. i like how, in this woman’s sociopathic worldview God shows he loves the japanese and wants them to follow him by killing thousands of them and causing at least two, possibly three, nuclear meltdowns.

    “Daddy beats us because it’s how he shows love.”

  4. How come she’s thanking god through a computer? Why ain’t she talking to him di-rectly?

  5. Has anyone found the video of her praying BEFORE the earthquake? Now that would be something.

  6. With any luck she will become a missionary in an earthquake/tsunami zone..keep your fingers crossed.

  7. PS: To answer your question in headline, Susie, because as humans a certain % of Christians come in sick and twisted packages.

  8. she’s already positioning herself for the gop prez nomination 20 years or so down the road.

  9. As an atheist living on the west coast, I have to say thank god that nothing fails like prayer or I would be so dead.

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