12 thoughts on “I’m tired of a president

  1. I’m tired of a president who was so inspirational on the campaign trail, but can’t say a word for the pro-union protesters.

    I guess I don’t sniff enough chablis.

  2. Perhaps the Obama of the campaign trail is not the real Obama?

    And what we see of him in action is what some of us worried about during the primary: He had a record, which was not easy to find, but it showed a distinct bent toward pleasing corporate donors.

    Now, in office, he seems hell bent on pleasing big corporate donors. As his behind closed door agreements with Big PhRMA and other Big Health Industry Players (BHIP) showed. He took single payer “off the table” because that was they feared and hated most. Mandates, yes; single payer, no.

    The Obama appointed Pete Peterson Cat Food Commission, chaired by Simpson and Bowles? Flying Spaghetti Monster help us!

    I’m tired of this president who just had to roll over (or wanted to?) for Republicans’ desire to extend tax cuts for the Uberwealthy, and then went even further by making the very lowest earners actually pay more in taxes! And then he offers to cut the energy assistance program in half — so states will have to decide which of their citizens will have to suffer from cold or heat or, worse, who perhaps lives or dies when the states can only cover half (or less than half if energy prices stay high) of the people they now help.

  3. i’m tired of a president who says he wants people to push him outside his comfort zone and then fires people who push him outside his comfort zone.

  4. I’m tired of a president who surrounds himself with the very people whose interests do not represent those of the PEOPLE, but the interests of the banks/corporations/energy masters/wall street, etc. and I’m tired of a President who is not a strong leader, but seems to equivocate, proscratinate, and be too centrist to accomplish anything of real substance. You’ve got to have a leader who is willing to take a stand IMMEDIATELY and not worry about who he is going to offend or alienate – the alleged “bipartisan efforts” have gotten him right where we expected -nowhere fast.

  5. I’m tired of a president who can’t keep his sentences to a quick soundbite, while saying nothing I want to hear.

  6. Oh WTF…..we’re disappointed in the motherfucker because his “hope” message turned to a “nope” message. I doubt we’ll have a president in this generation or the next who’ll actually have the authority and power articulated in the Constitution: hey, let’s face it, the Washinton political system is broken………….period! And that’s not an excuse for Obama. Whoever follows him to the office will do no better, alas, corporate power is supreme…………………

  7. I won’t be be voting for this turd again.
    Not a republicker or a democrat.
    I’m done.

  8. I’m tired of a president who’s a worse monster than George W. Bush.

    If you need reasons or proof of that statement, just ask. I gotta million of ’em.

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