2 thoughts on “Toddler’s life ruined

  1. Oh good god. Sorry, Susie, but this poor child’s life was ruined the second she poked out from between the legs of this woman.

    On the other hand, we all know that the only way (and I mean the ONLY way) to become a master of this universe is to start in Manhattan, get to Phillips Andover or Choate, then on to Harvard, Yale, or at least Brown, get in the right fraternity (Skull and Bones if you’re really lucky), and make friends with people whose fathers can get you in to see the right people. As a female, this child could try Radcliffe or Vassar, and from there marry a MoftheU. Otherwise she might have to get a job.

  2. Years ago, friend of mine who was a substitute grade school music teacher told me that schools in our city fell into three types. In the poor areas students were neglected and too unruly to teach. In the wealthier parts of the city, entire schools were full of over-solicitous parents all day. Fathers in expensive suits would visit their kids for lunch and mothers in their workout ensembles patrolled the halls. And there was one large urban county where the schools were good and the kids were just normal middle-class sorts – able and willing to learn, but not hovered over by over-solicitous parents. My friend pointed out that EVERY teacher in the city wanted into that school district and the waiting lists for applications were enormous.

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