4 thoughts on “Fetus fetishists

  1. I’d be looking to sue these cretins for every cent possible. They took the infant from its mother for the FIRST THREE YEARS of its existence, the MOST important time in the formation of what that child will be. This is outrageous, unbelievable, unconscionable.

  2. MommyDearest had mental health issues and took multiple meds. The staff removed the child…for the safety of the child. And posters who have no medical, OB/GYN, or legal experience or training feel compelled to voice nonsense.
    Let me give you an idea…the couple in FLA that ended a child and burned her twin…had fewer diagnosed mental illnesses.

  3. This is chilling. This happened in NJ! In northern NJ. In the hospital where I spent time in their excellent burn unit. Where everyone did seem so very helpful….

    Three years away from its parents…how has this baby been raised?

  4. I used to be a midwife, and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of something like this. In fact, if you give birth to a premature infant, they can take over the guardianship of your child if you refuse to let them do painful, experimental procedures that will do nothing to prolong your child’s life.

    So maybe you should go peddle that line someplace else.

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