Virtually Speaking

Should be a good one tonight, with Marcy talking to Joe Wilson. I’m guessing the Libyan situation will be a topic:

• Amb. Joe WilsonMarcy Wheeler on VS Sundays:  Balancing security and transparency in a 21st century democracy  | Listen here, on or after Sunday, March 20 @ 9pm est|6pm pdt

• Susie MadrakScout Prime on VS Susie: Blogging Wisconsin |Listen here, on or after Monday, March 21 @ 9pm est|6pm pdt

• Stuart ZechmanJay Ackroyd on VS A-Z: Exploring liberalism |Listen live here, on Thursday, March 24 @ 8pm est|5pm pdt | Listen hereafter midnight Friday, March 25.

• Brad DeLong | Jay Ackroyd on Virtually Speaking w/Jay Ackroyd:  How the great recession has exposed a rift among macro economists.And Ricardian Equivalence.|Listen here, on or after Thursday, March 24 @ 9pm est|6pm pdt