Feel the freedom

Dear sweet Jesus, these people don’t even see the irony:

Evangelical college Liberty University is the largest recipient of federal aid to a student body in Virginia, and the eighth largest recipient in the country overall, reports Lynchburg, Va.’s News & Advance.

Eighty-eight percent of the $445 million in federal aid that Liberty received in the 2009-2010 school year was comprised of student loans; the remaining 12 percent came in the form of Pell grants and other federal education subsidies.

Liberty is the largest private university in Virginia and calls itself “the largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world.” The university was founded on the fundamentalist principles of the late Jerry Falwell and requires students in all its programs to take a course in “creationist studies.”

The $445 million figure is a 56 percent increase from the amount of money Liberty received in the previous school year. One of the major factors in the upsurge in federal funds obtained by the university has been a big bump in online enrollment.