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Via Raw Story:

Black intellectual and Princeton professor Cornel West was once a vocal supporter of President Barack Obama. Today, that’s changed — a lot.

Speaking to Russia Today, West explained that in his view, Obama has morphed into “a centrist leaning toward the right” who acts as “a puppet of big business” at home and promotes “liberal neoconservatism” in lands abroad.

Amid it all, West said that Americans of all political stripes are in the throes of a “radical democratic awakening,” at least partially brought about by the lack of change brought by the so-called change candidate, Mr. Obama.

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  1. Well, I’m personally very happy to finally hear some truth-telling about Obama from the black, Progressive Left. Dr. West nails the situation in this country vis-av-vis Obama and the Oligarchs who are running things. And he makes it very clear this is not simply a “black” issue; now, all we need is for the apologists like Sharpton to get on board. West talks about “sleep-walkers”; I can testify that lots and lots of black folks in this country are at the top of that list—-many of us are still enamoured over the “First Black President” bullshit!

  2. What’s this? The interviewer focused on ideas? She didn’t ask him about his hair style, or where he buys his suits? What about that dispute with Lawrence Summers, when he was president of Harvard, that led Cornel to to Princeton? That was some good, personality driven controversy. We can show footage of them yelling at each other. What about Michelle Obama’s arms? Does he think she’s getting fat? And what kind of model is she presenting to her daughters, over-focusing on health eating? Won’t they develop eating disorders?

    All sarcasm aside, RT (at the moment) seems to be avoiding the dumbed down, trivialized celebrity journalism that has overtaken American broadcast media. Look at the seriousness of this interview, vs. how it would have been conducted by one of the American anchors, like Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters. But then, it isn’t just about maximizing audiences over the lowest common denominator. Everything must be trivialized and MADE SAFE. Watch out for those secretly encoded messages embedded in Al Jeezera’s broadcasts. Maybe they aren’t so secret.

  3. So, if a professor at Princeton has figured this out now, what do you get if you knew it in 2008? All it took was a brief look at the man’s record. And at that point it could have done some good.

    Where do I go to pick up my official “Genius” sandwich-board and $100,000 per year?

    (Am I frustrated beyond rage? Yup. I could scream. As for West, late is better than never. So good for him.)

  4. “Morph?”

    Nope, Obama didn’t morph at all. He is who he has always been. Nice to see that the scales have fallen from West’s eyes.

  5. Well ya’ know what, bluleyon? I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the puppet, ‘Howdy Doody’, and ‘Clarabell The Clown’, but as entertainers for children they ALWAYS “morphed”, depending on their audience, ya’ know.

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