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  1. Right. I suggest that the first thing we fix be the rules governing media. Why can Canadians have laws that forbid anyone from using public media to spread lies but we can’t. I read that folks in the U.S. investigated and found out that our Constitution doesn’t permit such a thing. Really? Okay then. I propose fixing that first.

  2. Yeah Suze, there’s something wrong with our system alright: )1) a president who won’t fight———-he says he stands for something, but always ends up falling for any fucking thing, and (2) a
    Democaratic Senate Majority with no balls. Hell, if it wasn’t for Bernie—and Independant, mind you —- we wouldn’t have a true Progressive out of the bunch!

  3. Commenter #2 beat me to it. It’s been obvious almost from the start that Obama didn’t intend to push for meaningful change. And yet many Dems are strangely reluctant to acknowledge the obvious. Can you think of one issue, from jobs to health care to the environment to Afghanistan to bank reform to Gitmo — it goes on and on — on which Obama and most D.C. Dems didn’t drop the ball or sell out? The problem is not with the system, it’s with the Dems we elected, who had a super-majority and betrayed us. It’s time to stop denying this, don’t you think?

  4. Hell, the Republicans were in control when they didn’t even control the House either!

  5. I’m with Dandy — it’s the president who’s setting the tone, tying Dems in knots by espousing Republican approaches, and also destroying the brand image of the Democratic Party.

    It’s pretty simple: We have a rightwing president who used the Democratic Party to get elected to the Senate and then the presidency.

    The Monied Powers That Be saw that Obama could be used as a sockpuppet to get complete control. With Obama as president, the Democrats in Congress would be hog tied and wouldn’t fight against bona fide Republican measures.

    And, further, we are so fucked.

  6. This has been building for 30+ years, and is certainly part of a pattern. Democrats have had the opportunity throughout that time to be screaming at the top of their lungs that right wing policies are morally wrong and that there ought to be an end to undeclared perpetual war. They never did.

    And it’s a matter of media ownership, too. Otherwise why does Newt Gingrich get on all the Sunday news shows? And why do a couple dozen teababblers get infinitely more air time than thousands of war protesters or thousands of people in Wisconsin fighting for basic rights?

    The media want Republicans to be portrayed in perpetual power, and the Democrats never dispute that fact.

  7. yes, the problem starts in the WH.
    And runs all the way down to the people who voted for him.
    It’s very true that Obama used the Dem party and it’s also true that many Dems and many many “progressives” were very happy to be used.
    At this point, i think we’d be better off if McCain had won. At least then “progressives” would have continued to fight right-wing policies instead of making excuses for them.

    It seems very clear that “liberals” and “progressives” will allow Democrats to enact policy they’d never allow a Republican president to enact. Witness, all teh way back in 2007, Josh Marshall’s excusing Obama’s clear signals THEN that he intended to cut Social Security (the Iowa debates.)

    Now, now, now TPM is screaming about the threats to SS and Medicare. But the time to scream was then.

    Never never never throw votes and money to a candidate like roses to his feet WITHOUT making demands. Without, for gods sake, checking the track record. Obama was the candidate who’d already sold out universal health care in Illinois.

    Am I bitter? Yes. What a shitty time to be 53 years old.

    At least I can say I never gave one vote nor one dime to Obama. Nor will I.

    Vote, give money to the Greens. No, they won’t win. But if they get enough support they can start to have more voice in the national dialogue. Because SOMEONE has to start pushing the narrative and for sure Obama, no matter how good a speaker he is, can’t or won’t do it.

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