You’re fired

Donald Trump is such a dumb fuck. He claims Obama’s grandparents put a fake birth announcement in the local paper so he could be a United States citizen.

Except that when he was born, he would have been a U.S. citizen no matter where he was born. Because he had at least one parent who was a U.S. citizen, who was raised here.

Not that facts actually matter, but don’t insult my intelligence, shithead. And yeah, your hair looks like a piece of roadkill.

One thought on “You’re fired

  1. As a former resident of Hawaii, and one who even did a summer stint in the Department of Health Vital Records, the announcement wasn’t placed by Obama’s grandparents. It was placed by the hospital (Queen’s Hospital, to be exact). (Image)

    When my ex and I applied for a Marriage License, the same sort of announcement was placed in the paper by the State of Hawaii.

    Double-dumb fuck.

    As an aside, Kaneda’s, featured prominently in the above image, had awesome Hawaiian food, and my mother, brother and I ate there often.

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