4 thoughts on “Green beats nuclear

  1. Also, large corporations have not yet cornered the market and established near monopolies so they can demand whatever rents they wish.

    They plan on wringing out as much money as possible from the non-Uberwealthy. What kind of business plan would it be to have people have access to their own electricity generation? So, keep solar panels as high priced as possible and do not lower prices due to greater efficiency and higher production runs.

  2. To answer what appears to be a rhetorical question, some answers:
    1. Because they’re reprehensible idiots with skewed priorities;
    2. Not enough lobby $$$ from the green industry;
    3. Healthy people produced by the consequences of a flourishing green industry won’t be buying pharmaceuticals or medical therapies and services, and paying for doctor’s office visits, et al.
    4. The only thing GREEN about Obama is his Presidential competence.

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