The pills make me much better at actually doing things instead of sitting around thinking, “I really need to do that.” What’s really strange, though, is I’ve only read one book in the past few days and I haven’t even finished it yet.

Plus, you know, cleaning. (I suppose it helps that Wellbutrin converts into an amphetamine after it breaks down in your system.)

Tomorrow is my first free day in two weeks and it will be nice to be home, all by myself.

3 thoughts on “Busy

  1. I took the generic Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks – my PA told me that about, as a side effect, about 45% of the people who took it quit smoking.
    That was the goal: for me to quit smoking. I’ve smoked since I was 10, my Mom allowed me to smoke when I was 12 (she got sick of me stealing sigarets from her). I am and was in my forties.
    Sure, I’m willing to quit smoking – it started taking the pills, they said within a week I’d feel less like smoking.
    I waited for a couple of weeks. No less smoking, but also when I went to bed at night I couldn’t sleep – my mind was going in over-drive.
    When I brought it up to my PA(truly an awesome woman, although skinny and telling me that she passes up the ‘office pizza parties’ simply because she has a ‘different’ lifestyle or what have you. She’s entirely cool with everything, she simply instists on trying to have her patients live a healthier life. Love her for that!!) a while later she conceded that the bad side-effects would supercede the original intent.

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