‘Uncontrollable’ fracking blowout in PA

Thanks for your de facto deregulation of the natural gas industry, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett! Via Daily Kos:

Another consequence of deregulation has apparently just boiled over in Bradford County, Pa.


Operators have lost control of a natural gas well in rural northern Pennsylvania, leading to a spill of fluids used in the drilling process.

Bradford County emergency officials say thousands of gallons of tainted water have spilled from a Chesapeake Energy Corp. well site near Canton since early Wednesday.

As of 1:50 pm., the spill was still out of control, spilling “thousands and thousands” of likely contaminated water over fields and into at least one stream, per the reports, prompting the evacuation of seven families, thus far.  Updated reports indicate the water started pouring out at 11:45 pm last night.

The “stream” is apparently the Towanda Creek, which feeds into the Susquehanna River, which in turn feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.


Reuters describes the spill as “uncontrollable” as of 3:52 pm.  The local news reports describe attempts  to control the spill as a “large scale operation” with a “widespread impact.” There appear to be no reports providing the actual amount of fluids spilled at this time.

One thought on “‘Uncontrollable’ fracking blowout in PA

  1. Interesting coincidence: CSI Las Vegas is repeating a fall show about fracking contaminating local well water and people dying of cancers and other nasties affecting the brain.

    Obviously was planned well before the PA well problem, but, still quite timely.

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