Isn’t it ironic

Don’t ya think? That undocumented immigrants paid more in taxes last year than GE?

Ironically the vilified undocumented population, among the poorest and most vulnerable in the country, does its part when it comes to taxes.

They pay sales taxes and property taxes – even if they rent, ITEP said. At least half of them pay income taxes. And, I believe, if they were ever legalized, close to 100% would do the same. “Add this all up,” ITEP said, “and it amounts to billions in revenue to state and local governments.”

ITEP estimates that households that are headed by undocumented immigrants (which may include members who are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants) paid $11.2 billion in state and local taxes last year. That included $1.2 billion in personal income taxes, $1.6 billion in property taxes and $8.4 billion in sales taxes.

New York is fourth in the country in tax revenue – $662.4 million – from households headed by undocumented immigrants, after California, Texas and Florida.

“These figures should be kept in mind as politicians and commentators continue with the seemingly endless debate over what to do with unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States,” ITEP wisely advises.

“[These] immigrants – and their family members – are adding value to the U.S. economy; not only as taxpayers, but as workers, consumers and entrepreneurs as well.”

Enough with those people – and they are many – who think they are the only ones paying taxes, and who accuse the undocumented of being “leeches” who contribute nothing. How about redirecting their fury to the real leeches, those with enough means and political clout to exploit every single loophole in our tax laws not to pay their fair share?

3 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic

  1. Morris County, NJ, one of the wealthiest counties in the US, just voted to charge undocumented students higher tuition to attend the Morris County Community College.

    Earlier this year the board voted to keep tuition the same for all residents, but Morris County Freeholders (supervisors in other states, ie, the county board members), mostly Republican, demanded that the MCCC board reconsider. And, after voting 7-2 to keep the tuition the same, they just voted 9-1 to make it higher for the undocumented.

    The argument, of course, was that illegals don’t contribute. Which is totally false, but who cares about facts if they’re Republicans in the majority and able to push the college board members around?

    Now, will the college demand birth certificates or passports from each and every student when they apply? Or just go after those who appear to have foreign sounding names or are foreign looking or sounding, just like Arizona wants to do?

    I am profoundly embarrassed about this and exceedingly angry.

    And the rich and Republicans pretty much rule the county.

    Well, I’m finally on Medicare and don’t have to stay in NJ to be keep health insurance for my preexisting conditions. And since Gov. Chris “We daren’t raise taxes on the rich!” Christie has cut funding to schools and localities, so my property taxes, already high will probably soar — they’re almost as high as my mortgage right now. Moving is a major hassle, of course, and…and this is big factor…it’s not a good time to sell a house.


  2. The vote two months ago also allowed illegal immigrants to attend, which for 10 years the college had denied the right to do.

    Also, vote last night was 9-2, not 9-1.

    I just started getting a local paper, as I’d been worried I had little information about local matters. Now, I have something else to get upset about!

  3. Your last paragraph, Susie. And just how would you like us to do that? I keep hearing that admonition ad nauseum, but no one tells us how we’re going to do that. Call your congressman? Please.

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