5 thoughts on “Solutions!

  1. Oh! What an idea!

    Let’s see if that “prayer stuff” works, shall we?

    Dear God. Lightning bolt! You KNOW who I mean.

    Well? Did it work? Crap. Oh well. Guess the ICC has to do the job, instead.

    Next up, Perry solves TX budget problems with prayer. Personally I think he should first try a test run on his federal taxes, by just praying and enclosing a Jack Chick pamphlet with his 1040 instead of a check.

  2. I think that article just about sums up the state of this country today – a Facebook page to pray for rain and undoubtedly one of the stupidest human beings ever produced from genetic material as the governor of the 2nd or 3rd most appallingly backward state in America.

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