Deadhead Don

I call him that because of the dead long-haired guinea pig he wears on his head. Anyway, DD has finally moved on from questioning Obama’s country of birth, to… questioning how he got into Harvard! Because he’s black, you know, and since everyone knows that black people only get into top schools because of affirmative action, this line of questioning pleases the very same people who liked the first one! Isn’t he clever?

And plus, Don knows what it’s like to have doors open for you, simply on the basis of your DNA, so there’s that.

4 thoughts on “Deadhead Don

  1. I believe Obama got into Harvard the old-fashioned way. He was a legacy candidate. His father went to Harvard. The more interesting question is how he got into Columbia.

  2. In Peru and Ecuador guinea pigs are raised for food. Maybe the Donald is on his way to a barbecue. Perpetually.

  3. Anecdote: When i was doing the major remodeling required by buying a house with “issues,” I ran into some awful contractors. But one guy was fantastic: fair, careful, the compleat professional.

    At the time, iirc, Trump was coming out of one of his bankruptcy periods, when he was considered “too big to fail” by his bankers, and I’m pretty sure his Atlantic City casino was completed.

    My good contractor told harrowing tales of friends of his in the business who had worked for Trump, one of whom was put into bankruptcy by Trump’s failure to complete payments on his contract with this little contractor. And this guy was not “too big to fail,” and did fail due to not being paid by Trump.

    It seemed to be a pattern: Trump would get the work done and just not make the final payments. The little contractors could not afford to take on Trump who had the deep pockets or at least high credit limits with his banksters.

    I’ve thought about those stories so often as Trump is lauded as a “savvy businessman.”

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