Last night’s show

I have this great music trivia book, “Rock and Roll Heaven Entrance Exam.” So I got the idea to have Will Bunch, Charlie Pierce, Molly Ivors and Steve Simels on Virtually Speaking Susie for a music trivia night, because we’re all such music geeks.

So last Friday night, I start looking for the book and can’t find it. Bright idea: order it from Amazon Prime (two-day shipping) and after I use it, I can always give it as a present. I order the book (Amazon promises me it will be here Tuesday).

Nope. Never shows up.

Turns out that, through a horrible chain of events that are FUBAR, Amazon has me down as having two accounts — and only one of them has two-day shipping. WTF? I make another desperate search for the original copy, but no luck. So I discover there’s an iPhone app which makes the book into a game, and spring for the $.99.

Then I get an email from Simels. He’s sick, he can’t do it. But it’s okay, because after all, I have three other guests.

Except Molly emails me to say there’s a huge storm going through where she lives, and she’ll have to call in after it passes. And then I realize there’s no one working the switchboard — Sherry (my producer) is on vacation and Jay is supposed to take over. It’s six minutes to showtime, and when Jay picks up the phone, he says he can’t talk, he’s busy.

“Did you remember Sherry’s on vacation and you’re filling in?”

“Oh shit,” he says, and hangs up. Then we have some technical problem and you can’t hear me for the first few minutes. Finally, we’re on — but Pierce hasn’t called in. (Turns out there was a scheduling problem, he did call in later.)

In the meantime, Will Bunch reminds me that yesterday I watched an entire Flyers playoff game, excitedly Tweeting the score — without knowing it was a rerun. “I didn’t want to spoil it for you by telling you how it ends,” he said.

It was fun, we had some laughs, we even learned a few bizarre trivia facts. Hope you enjoy it, screwups and all!

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