More progress

With the help of my friend, I emptied my storage unit yesterday.

I have this other friend who insists that the very fact of my having a storage unit means I’m a hoarder. I’m not.

“Hoarders always say that,” he says sagely. “You’re in denial.”

Arggh. No, I’m not. Here’s what was in the (mostly empty) unit:

  • One small space heater. (The kind of thing you don’t need — until you do.)
  • One tub of miscellaneous Christmas crap. (I like Christmas.)
  • One empty guitar shipping box. (It was all moldy, I tossed it.)
  • One small cooler. (Handy for day trips, it has a shoulder strap.)
  • Legs to my electric piano. (Tossed them. I use a keyboard stand.)
  • One bicycle.
  • That’s it.

    So the drugs are working, because I’ve been wanting to clean that unit out for at least six months. The mental sticking point was the bike which, because it has a big basket attached, is a real pain in the ass to wrangle into the back of an SUV. (My back is now killing me, but hey.)

    I’m getting dangerously close to the point where I won’t have anything else hanging over my head and I’ll just have to start writing. Hmm.

    Oh, wait. I can start playing the guitar again instead! Whew, that was close.

    By the way? Added bonus to getting organized: I now have all my song lyrics in one place. This is no small thing, since I can’t perform without them.

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    1. Congrats! I have a ton of collected paperwork, including old bank statements that I have to shred and dispose of. Got inspired by searching for the title to my 2000 Toyota which I sold this past weekend. Online banking really helps to keep the clutter from growing.

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