2 thoughts on “Student loans, the next bubble

  1. Thanks for that link, now bookmarked. Now if I only knew anyone else who cares enough to be interested.

    Got a t-shirt from a co-worker today. It says: “I’m in my own little world, but it’s okay. They know me there.” This from someone who just got back from Easter holiday w/family in Ohio. I guess when you’re from Ohio, where government is just peachy, it’s easy to laugh at silly worrywarts like me.

    How long before I can leave this country, dear god how long?

  2. I can’t wait until these lack of protections for student borrowers are applied by law to, oh, medical debts….

    And with Neolibs, corporatists, and, Koch-fueled Republicans and ConservaDems in office, how far off can that be?

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