4 thoughts on “New passport standards?

  1. Checking deeper, it seems that this is a form for people that don’t have the usual documentation (birth certificate).

    I think the form is rather stupid: the cases where there isn’t a birth certificate is likely to be things like home-births in rural areas, for example. (I read somewhere that blacks born at home in the deep south, in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s,…typically the state didn’t even issue a BC).

    But the evidence of birth (testimony of family members, school records, etc) are going to vary a lot from person to person, so trying to fit it all into a standard ‘form’ is probably futile. In addition, whatever problem this causes *now*, no doubt it was much worse 40 years ago, yet somehow was dealt with.

  2. I know my son jumped through a lot of hoops to get his passport because I had him at home and didn’t register his birth until he was five and needed to go to school. He needed an affidavit from my sister to back up our obviously manufactured story!

  3. I see this as also being a great way to go after “inconvenient persons,” since there will probably be errors in at least one of the recalled addresses.

    Think Martha Stewart prosecutions on steroids. Lying to officials, or some such crap.

  4. It may be only for people who don’t have proper docs now, but what about down the road? This thing reeks.

    As for me, 10 schools and ten (or 11, not sure) addresses by the time I finished HS. Of the schools I remember 4 and of the addresses, none (altho I do remember a few street names).

    Every job? Including selling christmas cards door to door when I was 11 and 12. The name of that company?


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