Crazy Corbett

I can’t tell if he’s Dr. Evil, or just stupid:

Gov. Corbett has proposed a novel solution to the higher education funding crisis: drilling for dollars.

Not a gas tax, mind you but gas rigs, right on campus.

Corbett told the Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Trustees today that schools could address revenue shortfalls by tapping into the riches of the Marcellus Shale beneath their campuses.

Corbett said six campuses in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education sit on the lucrative Marcellus shale natural gas formation, The Erie Times reported.

Corbett has proposed slicing some $550 million or fifty percent of state funding for colleges and universities in his 2011-2012 spending plan.

The governor was speaking at Edinboro University as part of a tour of the northwest to promote his budget proposal.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Corbett

  1. Not everyone in central PA is stupid – they have been indoctrinated by the “conservative” values of their parents – I have a place there, and have some friends who are some of the smartest people I have ever met – they singlehandedly built their own home, outfitted with a geothermal heating system, and solar panels to produce some of their electricity on their own. They garden and produce vegetables. They travel whenever they can. We have never discussed politics, because I value their friendship and because I don’t want to know how they vote. They are GOOD people, share what they can, and give back to their community by taking care of elderly people, etc. For their efforts, they were recently rewarded by having their house robbed, with all of their vacation money stolen. They were smart enough to put in a $50 camera outside, and actually caught the perpetrators. So at least they attained justice!

  2. Damn. Glad the bad guys were caught! Yeah, I feel the same way. I know some people with bad politics and really good hearts.

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