One thought on “Coercive power

  1. These people assert that when you get eliminate “government”, you get freedom. You don’t. When you eliminate government, you get gangsters.

    This is according to their own philosophical system. If everyone is set free to seek their own self-interest without regard to the welfare of anyone else, they are free do take what they want and get it by strength and intimidation if needed. If you want to see what that is like, watch Tony Soprano in action. They say that there is a “market” that arranges the balance of self-interests, but I see the gangsters rigging and controlling the market once the “burdensome, job killing, regulations” are cleared away and the police and judges bribed.

    What they do not recognize is the fundamental social nature of human beings. What they call “government”, I call “society”, the way that we arrange to share the life we have together, that we are born into. There is no “self-interest” apart from the interest of other people as well as yourself.

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