3 thoughts on “Obama

  1. No tears here. But the death of one man does not make the destruction of America’s constitution or the degradation of American values worthwhile. I can only wait for the next atrocity to be committed against Americans by Americans in the name of the ‘War on Terror.’

  2. I guess we’ll never know exactly why OBL was shot in the head, as it seems the early reports of Obama issuing the “kill order” is being walked back. Now the Constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize laureate did not order OBL be killed — there was a “fierce firefight” that lasted just a few minutes…the rest of the time was spent gathering evidence at the compound. Riiiiiight.

    Fierce firefights are so useful to both our domestic law enforcement and now our foreign wet jobs.

  3. There was no justice here. There was an illegal assault and murder by our security forces in a country with whom we are not at war.

    There was no process of law. It was unconstitutional by our law and illegal (I am sure) under Pakistani law. It was an act of pure Imperial power by an out of control government of the United States.

    We have already destroyed thousands of buildings to avenge two of ours, and killed hundreds of thousands of people to avenge our 3,000. Has it been enough? The hijackers are all dead, and now Osama bin Laden is dead ( And two wives – what did they do to us?) can we stop now? Can we stop destroying their countries and ours for the sake of this revenge?

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