3 thoughts on “81% increase in profits

  1. When I first heard Obama say “we just went through one of the the worst recessions in our history, the worst since the Great Depression,” with his tense indicating he sees the recession as basically over, I yelled at the radio.

    Listening to it again, I’m just as angry. And disgusted.

    Again, the tense he used reveals his underlying view of the economy. And his economy is not the one most of us live in.

  2. Hell, jawbone. My face has been in a constant state of disgust for years now—ESPECIALLY now.

    I don’t like my face that way. I don’t know what it will take to change it.but I don’t want my face to be forever perpetuated in disgust.

    When I feel my face showing disgust, I try to remember good things—things that make me happy and that make me smile. I don’t know.

    Like this, maybe.


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