Virtually Speaking

BlogTalkRadio: Sunday May 8 thru Friday May 15

Political strategist Cliff Schecter and FDL News guy David Dayen together on Virtually Speaking Sundays. What did the Sunday morning talking heads cover, distort or ignore? Think gun control, think bin Laden. Consider us a counterpoint. Listen here beginning 6pm pacific|9pm eastern, Sunday, May 8.

Virtually Speaking Susie with Susie Madrak. Guest Dave Johnson will discuss the myths about swing voters. Listen here beginning 6pm pacific|9pm eastern, Tuesday, May 10.

• Stuart Zechman, Jay Ackroyd on VS A-Z: This week in liberalism. | Listen here Thursday May 12 @ 5pm pacific | 8pm eastern. Beginning 8pm eastern,  Listen here Beginning midnight May 13, archived here.

• Stirling Newberry on Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd. Conflicts in the Republican caucus; international concern – or its lack – regarding US debt service. Listen here beginning Thursday, May 12 @ 9pm eastern/6pm pacific.

Coming to VS in future weeks: Dahlia Lithwick, Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald.