6 thoughts on “The ten-fold path

  1. Today I was unpacking some boxes and I found a speech I had printed off a good while back that Rocky Anderson gave while he was mayor of Salt Lake City when Bush and Condi were coming to town. I love this guy.

    Wikipedia has lots of good stuff about him. He’s awesome. He’s no longer mayor but is president of High Road For Human Rights . Take a look around the site. Some of the links seem to be “in progress” but there’s plenty of information to spy.

    susie, I read The Ten-fold Path article and thought this was a good application.

  2. Can you see the links above? Maybe it’s just my monitor but I can’t really tell where they are. Anyway there’s one for ‘this’ in the first paragraph, ‘Wikipedia’, and ‘High Road For Human Rights’ in the second.

    Just thought I should clarify.

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