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  1. seriously.
    And for the record, my wagon gets better mileage than their SUVs, and is a lot easier to load because it’s lower to the ground.

  2. Speaking only for myself,

    I’m not avoiding the stigma of the station wagon; I’m avoiding the thought that I’m driving a mini-van.

    To each their own I suppose.

  3. Bingo! Though I tend to think of them as jacked-up, de-engineered suburban assault vehicles with the hood ornament a perfect rendition of the human female reproductive system. (Seriously, look at the Dodge Ram icon), looks just like… ahhhh, the human female reproductive system.

  4. I think an SUV is basically a pickup-truck with the cab extended back over the bed with some seats and carpeting thrown in. Take a $12,000 truck, add $2,000 worth of extra glass and metal and then charge $25,000 for it. Its a marketing dream.

    A station wagon was an extended 4 door sedan with some extra roof. Built low it doesn’t have the problem of flipping over as does the converted truck which was built with a high center of gravity to carry weight without squashing down and scraping the ground.

  5. Actually, it’s also a way for suburban women to avoid thinking of themselves as suburban moms. I give you my niece as an example. When her kids were in elementary school, she was talking about getting a new vehicle to help her with her mom-type duties. She said she was thinking about a Ford Explorer, and I countered she should really be thinking about a minivan, since her concerns were cargo space and ease of mounting and dismounting kiddie car seats. When I said minivan, she shrieked, “I don’t want to be a soccer mom!” Do I have to add that both her kids played soccer?

  6. Good point. I’ve seen my peers hyperventilate at the thought of being a mini-van-driving mom.

    I always had a small station wagon (Toyotas, usually) or a hatchback when my kids were little, but mostly because I liked to go to yard sales and I needed the room to move stuff. Sports equipment doesn’t really take up much room, so I don’t get the point of the soccer-mom minivan — unless you have a large family or you’re driving car pool.

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