Frack this, pal

Looks like the media spotlight is shaming Corbett into action:

Pennsylvania officials fined Chesapeake Energy more than $1 million on Tuesday, the state’s largest fine ever to an oil and gas company. In a statement, the Department of Environmental Protection said Chesapeake’s drilling operations had contaminated water supplies for 16 families in Bradford County.

The announcement came just days after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the administration of Gov. Tom Corbett, who took office in January, has issued far fewerenvironmental fines than its predecessor.

One thought on “Frack this, pal

  1. Unfortunately, I think Chesapeake may just look at the fine as part of the cost of doing business instead of a punitive action. The fine is peanuts compared to the damage to the water table. The fracking issue is what not regulating operations that have an environmental impact looks like in reality. The libertarians think this is best, but, their ideas require that business will be honest and forthright in their self regulation……. don’t think that will happen.

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